My name is Chander Bhatia.

I'm Indian by birth and have been living in Germany since 1964. Even as a child I experienced spiritualism as an integral part of my daily life.


I learnt the material aspects of life during my professional training in Germany and my subsequent job as an engineer.

Based on Hindu-Christian philosophy, both aspects are combined in my practice - for more than 25 years - of spiritual numerology, meditation, Reiki, spiritual healing energy and counselling for life. This fusion is also reflected in my belief in Karma and reincarnation.

Spirituelle Numerologie Chander Bhatia

Gott spricht mit dir durch...

      ...Deine Seele

         ...Dein Herz

            ...Deine Gebete

               ...Deine Sterne

                  ...Deine Zahlen            

Spiritual numerology Chander Bhatia

God speaks to you through...

       ...your soul

          ... your heart

             ... your prayers

                ... your stars

                  ... your numbers