Spiritual conversations and lectures


  • Would you like to have conversations with me?


If you want to have spiritual conversations with friends – in a private atmosphere and with guidance – I would be glad to visit you (the vicinity of Freudenstadt or Sasbachwalden, 70 kms).    


Alternatively, you could visit me in Horb and we could philosophize to our hearts content about “God and the World” over a cup of Indian chai - WELCOME !!!


  • Lectures: Topics according to mutual agreement 


Spirituelle Numerologie Chander Bhatia

Gott spricht mit dir durch...

      ...Deine Seele

         ...Dein Herz

            ...Deine Gebete

               ...Deine Sterne

                  ...Deine Zahlen            

Spiritual numerology Chander Bhatia

God speaks to you through...

       ...your soul

          ... your heart

             ... your prayers

                ... your stars

                  ... your numbers