Spiritual numerological counselling

   is based on three pillars:   N u m b e r s - D i a l o g u e - E n e r g y 

  • On the basis of n u m b e r s, which can be calculated from your name and date of birth, it is possible to learn of your personal gifts (talents) and duties in life – partnership, profession / calling, personality, spiritual qualities etc., and to identify obstacles or problems in your life. Doing this will bring your life in harmony with cosmic laws and thus enable you to live a happy and harmonious life. 
  • D i a l o g u e – questions can be asked after a detailed explanation of your numbers. How far you have arrived internally can be established by means of this dialogue and through changes in awareness (thoughts for instance, or speech), problems and situations can be identified and habits and behaviour patterns can be modified.
  •  Through transmission of spiritual healing e n e r g y (optional) during the consultation.

Marriage and partnership counselling

(as a couple or individually)


In this form of counselling I focus on your questions and make you

aware of the strengths, weaknesses and traits/characteristics in your


I also deal with the following points of which a couple are often not


  • The intellectual, or as the case may be, the spiritual meaning of marriage/partnership
  •  The “duties” in marriage/partnership and their fulfilment 
  • The significance of Karma in the partnership
  • The various forms of partnership, their meaning, to what sort of partnership awareness they belong and their eventual development
  • The intellecutal/spiritual development in marriage and partnership
  • How a person can build up a harmonious partnership

Secrets of success in Professional and Business areas of Life

This counselling includes the following points:


  • On the basis of your personal numbers, identifying your gifts/talents, vocation or, as the case may be, the profession you tend towards. 
  • Being made aware of one’s own behaviour, for “our behaviour determines our circumstances.” 
  • Spiritual knowledge and the significance of the material aspect of money in professional/business life and the economic aspects connected with it. 
  • Motivate, lead and strengthen oneself and others from a spiritual point of view.


Consultations are possible in Horb-Talheim, Sasbachwalden or by Skype.


If 4 or 5 people get together, I can come to you, too.

(Sasbachwalden or Freudenstadt or in the vicinty of 70 kms.)

Spirituelle Numerologie Chander Bhatia

Gott spricht mit dir durch...

      ...Deine Seele

         ...Dein Herz

            ...Deine Gebete

               ...Deine Sterne

                  ...Deine Zahlen            

Spiritual numerology Chander Bhatia

God speaks to you through...

       ...your soul

          ... your heart

             ... your prayers

                ... your stars

                  ... your numbers